• Material Optimization: We have invested in unique design software for contractors called SolidBuilder software that enables us to optimize your design. What does that mean? Well, this design software enables us to optimize the amount of material necessary to construct your home and thus reduce the amount of wasted material. Bottom line is that technology reduces costs in every filed it has been used in and this is true with your construction project as well. By creating less waste (material hauled to the dump) this high tech design technology can save you money, reduce labor time and labor costs and it will likely save a tree or two at the same time. Our investment in technology saves you money while simultaneously benefiting  the environment.
  • Visualization: This same advanced software technology enables us to generate 3D renderings of your project to help you visualize the outcome. Many people have a difficult time picturing blue prints in 3D; we can do this for you with this unique technology to give you complete confidence in your project’s final look and operation.